Easy Schoology Log - In Instructions

  • Ensure you child knows their @mypolkschools.net email and password.
  • Navigate to https://polkschoolsfl.com/
  • Choose Students at the top of the page or in the 3-line menu at the top
  • Log into Classlink with these credentials
  • Select Schoology from the icons

Click here for more specific log in instructions per device.


Schoology Student Checklist

Download this handy PDF to make sure you and your child know all there is to know about setting up Schoology!

Course Welcome / Information Folder

Look in your course(s). See if you have a folder with your course information. Check for these items in this folder: How to contact your teacher. What are the class expectations? How can you get help in this class? What other important information does your teacher want you to know about this course?


  • How often should I check Schoology?
    • If attending school through e-Learning, students should check Schoology each morning for assignments and updates. E-Learning requires an accurate posting of attendance for all classes, therefore, teachers will post some items to specifically record attendance each day. Your teacher(s) will provide additional information on accessing your course materials.
  • What kinds of class material will be in Schoology?
    • Depending on the student's selected learning choice (in-school or e-learning), teachers will use Schoology in many ways. Some examples of the types of activities students will be expected to complete in Schoology are:

      • Course content for learning: readings from your textbook, online resources, and related articles.
      • Videos to support understanding of subject area content.
      • Knowledge checks and quizzes.
      • Show what you know and understand using online documents such as Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, and Google Slides.
      • Links and instructions to access content-specific applications such as Reading Wonders, Freckle, Edgenuity, StemScopes, etc.
      • Opportunities to respond using video and audio in Schoology.
      • Opportunities to work collaboratively with classmates.
  • Where do I go if I need help using Schoology?
    • Please contact your child's teacher first if you are having any issues with accessing learning materials in Schoology. This will ensure that your teacher knows about the issue in a timely manner so you can return to learning as quickly as possible.
    • For technical issues ONLY, please contact our Parent Help Desk at 863-614-1600 or email [email protected].


Additional Resources

Student Help Center